Brand Integrity ...

Protecting your company & brand

Companies invest substantial resources in establishing brand equity in their company and product names.

As the Internet evolves as a marketing tool, a variety of threats exist that make this asset vulnerable to brand infringement. Examples include forgetting to renew domain names, domain hijacking, cybersquatting, negative branding, hidden text, metatag abuse and domain loss.

As a leading Internet specialist, YSH can cater for businesses who want to protect their brand, and have developed a Brand Integrity Program specifically for Internet Domain Names.

Domain Rescue & Renewal

Many businesses risk loosing, or have lost their domain names already due to forgetting to renew them, or not updating the vital contact information that the domain name registries require.

Our specialist staff are highly experienced in domain name rescue if you fear you may have lost control of your domain name(s), or wish to have an audit completed.

Register domain names in real time

We offer a range of solutions allowing automatic and fast registration of domain names, this is ideal for companies who wish to protect their brand themselves, in the knowledge that the names will be registered instantly.

Depending upon your requirements we can offer automatic online, e-mail or telephone registration.

Domain portfolio consolidation

We are experts in domain name transfers, we can fully manage a transfer of any number of domain names from your old domain provider or webhost, into our registry and brand integrity service.

Over the past 4 years our staff have gained knowledge of the transfer procedures of most of the registries throughout the world, and as such can offer a very high quality service.

Proactive TLD recommendations & registrations

Companies who are serious about their company name, products and brand name need to ensure these names are secured as "Internet Domain Names". Our expert staff can advise on the domain names that you should register, and those which are available to you depending upon the level of protection you require.

International ccTLD support

YSH can register international domain names, including but not limited to the following:,,,,,,, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name,,,, .tv, .fm,,, .at, .be, .cz, .ch, .dk, .li, it, .lb, .pl, .ro, and .ru as required.

Backordering, sunrise & landrush filings

We are constantly "on the ball" when it comes to the latest domain name developments, and can advise, monitor and register new domain names during the backordering, sunrise and landrush periods.

New domain name TLD's, such as the recent .info and .biz domain names are vital to established businesses brand names - what would you do if your competitor stole your name?

Knowledgeable staff

Our staff have become experts in the domain name field since we were established in 1999, we currently manage thousands of domain names for our customers and know what we are doing so that your domain names are safe in our hands.

For further information about our Brand Integrity services or for a chat about your businesses domain name requirements please get in touch.