Cloud Hosting ...

Resilient and secure hosting in the cloud

With all the benefits of a regular dedicated server, cloud hosting provides additional features, primarily suited to developers and websites or applications that plan to scale significantly, or that need levels of redundancy and failover that a dedicated machine cannot provide.

Our virtual machines have the ability to switch to another host machine if the current host experiences issues. In all but the most extreme cases, this switch occurs within 3-5 minutes of a failover being detected by the automated monitoring systems.

The scalability of the platform ensures that we can tweak your cloud specifications as required.

  • RAID-10 SAN data storage
  • Instant OS reloads
  • Instant power controls (shutdown/reboot/power on)
  • Optional daily, weekly and monthly system backups
  • Emergency console
  • Bandwidth and CPU graphs
  • UK, Amsterdam or USA locations
  • A selection of Linux and Windows distributions

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